Why Should You Get Dental Crowns in Auburn?

Why Should You Get Dental Crowns in Auburn?

January 1, 2023

Teeth damage can occur due to several reasons – injuries, decay, etc. The excellent solution to restore that tooth when a dental filling is insufficient is getting crowns in Auburn. Tailored to the specifications of each patient in a dental lab, the restoration performs many functions.

One is that the cap fixes the damaged teeth. The other is that it prevents infection by covering teeth with huge decay. The procedure typically requires dual dental visits to prepare for the crown. The crowned tooth also does not require any specialized care. But it is crucial to protect the underlying tooth from gum disease or tooth decay.

Smart Reasons to Get this Restorative Procedure

A dental crown is essential due to many reasons. These include:

Large Filling

Too large or past dental fillings may not be safe. Although a dental filling is a good solution to replace the tooth structure lost from tooth decay, it does not strengthen the tooth. The best way to make the tooth strong is to get a dental crown at Sunrise Dental of Auburn.

Multiple or Huge Cavities

Cavities are bacterial infections of enamel and other tough things that build up on teeth. It typically feeds on sugar and generates acid that dissolves the enamel and lets the bacteria enter the tooth. Remember, large or multiple cavities in a single tooth can weaken the tooth structure.

The dental professional will check the cavity size and the amount of leftover healthy tooth structure and decide whether you are a perfect candidate for a crown or a filling. If the dentist in Auburn finds tooth decay is affecting the surrounding teeth, he/she suggests a dental cap. The crown procedure is an excellent way to protect those teeth by preventing the bacteria from spreading to other regions.

Discoloration or Weak Enamel

If you notice yellow discoloration on your tooth enamel, it indicates that it is weak. It makes the teeth more prone to damage caused by injury or decay. Getting a crown will help you keep your discolored tooth healthy and strong.

Severe Acid Erosion

Patients with severe acid reflux typically lose a huge amount of enamel via erosion. The best way to prevent further damage and loss of a tooth is to replace the lost enamel and recreate teeth using a crown.

Loss of Tooth Enamel Due to Significant Teeth Grinding

If you suffer from enamel loss due to heavy grinding or clenching while sleeping, it can result in the flattening and shortening of teeth. Dental crowns can help you prevent further damage by stopping acid erosion.

Cracks on Teeth

Cracked teeth typically occur due to several reasons. These include grinding teeth at night, large fillings, and injuries caused by biting onto foreign or hard objects. Cracked teeth expose the tooth enamel and let the bacteria enter the tooth. It makes the teeth at a high risk of infection and requires immediate treatment.

Dental crowns are a great way to prevent these issues from occurring by fixing cracks in the teeth. Compared to fillings, dental crowns offer more durability and strength.

Root Canal Therapy

Dentists recommend root canal therapy for patients with severely decayed or infected teeth. Since the procedure eliminates the tooth nerves and stops the blood supply inside the tooth, it makes teeth break or gets brittle. Therefore, the root-canaled tooth requires complete protection.

Dental crowns are an effective way to offer full coverage to the tooth after root canal therapy. They serve as a more permanent and strong dental restoration than dental fillings.

Multiple Fillings

If you have multiple amalgam fillings in the mouth, a dental crown is a long-term solution to prevent the risk of failure.

Failed Dental Filling

If you have failed dental fillings, crowns are a good long-term choice. Failed filling occurs when the restoration breaks or gets loose due to constant tooth decay. It ultimately makes the tooth structure weak.

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Enamel is the hardest thing in our body. It withstands the chemical, mechanical, and thermal pressure when we drink or eat something. Tooth enamel is at a high risk of cavities, acid erosion, or cracks. All these situations create the need for a dental crown.

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