What's Oral Cancer Screening and How Often You Should Do It?

What's Oral Cancer Screening and How Often You Should Do It?

June 1, 2022

Underlying oral health issues may be difficult to identify during the early stages, and it’s crucial to make periodic visits to your specialist for checkups. Oral Cancer Screening near you is vital in detecting cancerous lesion cells before they spread and lead to oral health complications or oral cancer. It’s crucial to seek consultation on preventive procedures and how often you need to undergo dental appointments to avoid oral cancer.

What’s Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screening is a preemptive procedure to check for any signs of precancerous cells on your oral tissues. Our dentist in Auburn, WA, examines your mouth to check for any signs of abnormally growing cells, soreness or reddened tissues linked with oral cancer. The presence of lumps or abnormal cells may compel your specialist to perform a further examination to check for precancerous lesions.

If an oral cancer screening specialist near you diagnoses you with precancerous lesions, he or she will use a viable approach to suppress the cells and prevent further spread. Specialized rinses are applicable in differentiating the affected tissues from the healthy ones. An extensive oral procedure would be suitable to determine whether your condition is severe.

Why You Should Undergo Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection of precancerous lesions on your oral issues enables your specialist to remove the malignant cells and prevent further spread. Malignant disorders on your mouth tissues may cause oral cancer, and regular oral screening is inevitable if you have underlying oral health issues. Our dental practitioners recommend you to undergo oral cancer screening in Auburn, WA, more often due to the following risk factors:

  • Frequent use of tobacco products
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Previous history of oral cancer diagnosis

An early appointment with your specialist will ensure the cancerous cells are identified and treatment is done on time. Some of the alarming symptoms linked with oral cancer include:

  • Speckled or white patches in your mouth
  • Unexplained mouth bleeding
  • Painful oral tissues and abnormal facial numbness
  • Difficulty in moving your jaws or experiencing pain while chewing
  • Loose teeth
  • Swollen gum tissues or other soft mouth tissues
  • Soreness on your oral tissues

During your oral cancer screening visit, our dentist in Auburn, WA, will check for any symptoms linked with cancer, lumps or abnormally grown tissues and provide personalized treatment for your condition.

Precautionary Tips for Oral Cancer

The spread of malignant cancer-causing lesions can be daunting, and it’s crucial to seek guidelines from your specialist on how to prevent oral cancer. Persist and periodic dental exams and ideal oral health practices can prevent your oral tissues from being infected with precancerous lesions and other infections. Oral screening is vital in the prevention of periodontal infections and oral cancer. At Sunrise Dental of Auburn, we recommend you follow the preventive measures below:

  • Control your alcohol intake, which may cause health issues linked with your oral health
  • Avoid tobacco products that are a risk factor for oral cancer and weaken your dental structure.
  • Schedule periodic appointments for oral cancer screening for timely detection and treatment of cancerous lesions. Your dentist will easily identify any symptoms associated with oral cancer.
  • Consume cancer-fighting foods that are vitamin c and calcium-rich

Making regular visits to your dentist for oral cancer screening can lessen the risk of having oral cancer. If you follow the preventive tips provided by our specialists, you’ll preserve your oral tissues from periodontal infection, oral cancer and other oral health complications.

Oral Cancer Screening in Auburn, WA

Oral cancer is a life-threatening condition, and it spreads fast to your other organs. At Auburn, WA, we recommend you visit our dentistry periodically for oral cancer screening before the cells spread out. Our specialists examine your oral tissues to check for precancerous cells and define an ideal treatment plan for you. You’re likely to undergo additional tests if you have abnormally grown oral tissues.

Today, you can visit our team for oral cancer screening and other oral health procedures and ensure your tissues are safe from infections. We’ll analyze your screening outcomes and provide you with suitable treatment if you have cancerous lesions. We use various personalized procedures, including systemic therapy, radiotherapy and surgery, to address complications. Please make an appointment for oral screening today.

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