Putting Old Toothbrushes to Work

Honesty time. How often do you change your toothbrush? Do you keep track? The American Dental Assoc. says that we shoud be changing them every three months. Bristles of brushes break down fairly quickly and lose their effectiveness at cleaning.

Before you throw yours away, take a look at these reasons to keep some of them around.

1. Perfect for cleaning the between slats of your mini-blinds.

2. Clean your hair dryer.

Scrubbing the Sink

3. Use it to scrub your fish tank.

4. A toothbrush is a great way to remove splinters.

5. Clean the lint filter of your dryer.

6. Is your guinea pig in need of a grooming? Excellent brush.

7. Use it for a marker for the seedling varieties in your garden.

8. Fun tool at the beach to "paint" in the sand.

9. Clean your jewelry.

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