Extractions in Auburn, WA - Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near You

The word “extraction” is enough to make someone’s teeth hurt. However, tooth extractions are fairly common procedures performed for a variety of reasons.

At Sunrise Dental of Auburn in Auburn, WA, we may recommend tooth removal in certain situations. Our experienced dentists will thoroughly examine and evaluate your oral health to determine whether or not tooth extraction is the best option for you. If you have a severely decayed tooth, it may need to be removed to prevent infections from occurring and spreading to other parts of your body. Some patients may need their wisdom teeth removed to prevent teeth crowding, inflammation, or infection.

Whatever the reason is for your tooth extraction in Auburn, WA, our experienced dentists near you at Sunrise Dental of Auburn will ensure that you receive the best comfort and care possible. A local anesthetic, and in some cases, a stronger general anesthetic will be administered during your tooth extraction. One of our friendly dentists in Auburn, WA, will discuss this with you before the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Simple vs. Surgical Tooth Extraction

Depending on the case, you may receive either a simple tooth extraction or a surgical tooth extraction. Simple tooth extractions are the removal of visible teeth, whereas surgical tooth extractions are the removal of teeth that have not yet erupted or are not visible. Surgical tooth extractions are more complex because they involve other steps to access the tooth for removal, such as cutting the gums to remove the tooth below the gum line.

To make you more comfortable and relaxed, a proper anesthetic will be administered, and in some cases, a sedative is used.

Post Tooth Extraction

After your tooth extraction, your mouth needs time to properly heal. Follow the steps below for a faster recovery:

  • Bleeding is normal after a tooth extraction. Keep a gauze pad at the extraction site to absorb and control the bleeding. Change the gauze when necessary.
  • When brushing your teeth, avoid touching the sutures and wounded area.
  • Keep your activity level down.
  • Two days after your tooth extraction, you may rinse your mouth with warm saltwater.
  • Place icepacks on your face to minimize swelling.
  • Eat soft foods.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Avoid smoking for 3-4 days following your tooth extraction. Smoking can lead to dry socket or an infection.

Call Sunrise Dental of Auburn in Auburn, WA, if you have any questions or concerns regarding tooth extractions.

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