Root Canal Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

Root Canal Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

December 1, 2023

Root canals, often perceived as one of the most dreaded dental procedures, are shrouded in a cloud of myths and misconceptions. Many associate root canals with pain, discomfort, and endless tales of horror. However, the truth is that root canals are a valuable and often necessary dental treatment that can save your natural teeth. In this article, Sunrise Dental of Auburn will debunk some common myths and misconceptions surrounding root canals and set the record straight. Suppose you’re seeking root canal treatment near me and looking for a dentist in Auburn, WA. In that case, it’s crucial to have accurate information about this essential dental procedure provided by Auburn Dental professionals.

1. Root Canals Are Painful

One of the enduring misconceptions about root canals is the belief that they are excruciatingly painful. This fallacy is quite far from reality. Modern dentistry has achieved substantial progress in pain control. Dentists use local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth and surrounding area before the procedure. It means you should not experience pain during the root canal treatment. Root canals are performed to relieve the severe pain caused by infected or destroyed dental pulp.

2. Root Canals Cause Illness

There is a long-standing myth that root canals can lead to systemic illnesses. This idea stems from outdated and debunked research from the early 20th century. Current scientific knowledge and research confirm that there is no valid connection between root canals and diseases affecting other parts of the body. Root canals are a safe and effective way to treat infected teeth and rescue them from extraction.

3. Tooth Extraction Is a Better Alternative

Some individuals believe that tooth extraction is a preferable alternative to a root canal. This is not the case. Removing a tooth rather than saving it with a root canal can negatively affect oral health and overall well-being. Losing a tooth can result in difficulties with chewing, changes in bite alignment, and even bone loss in the jaw. Root canals preserve your natural teeth and are often the best option for maintaining oral health and function.

4. Root Canals Are Unnecessary Pain Relievers

Some people assume that root canals are only performed for pain relief and not to address a genuine dental problem. Root canals are primarily used to treat infected or damaged dental pulp. Pain relief is a significant benefit of the procedure, but it is not the sole reason for its implementation. An infected tooth, left untreated, can result in serious complications, including abscesses and spreading infection.

5. Root Canals Require Multiple Appointments

Another common misconception is that root canals are time-consuming and require multiple appointments. While the complexity of the case can influence the number of appointments needed, most root canals can be finished in just one or two visits to the dentist. Advances in dental technology and methods have made the procedure more efficient and less time-consuming.


Root canals are a valuable and safe dental procedure designed to save teeth and relieve pain caused by infected or damaged dental pulp. The myths surrounding root canals have created unnecessary fear and anxiety for many patients. It is crucial to distinguish between facts and misconceptions and depend on reliable information when making choices concerning your dental well-being. If you are experiencing tooth pain or believe you may need a root canal, consult your dentist in Auburn or find a dentist near you to discuss your options and address any concerns. Remember that root canals are an effective and essential treatment that can help you preserve your natural teeth and maintain your oral health.

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