Oral Surgery


What is Oral Surgery?  What do you think of when you hear Oral Surgery?  You might be surprised to know what is actually considered oral surgery in dentistry.  Most procedures are done in a general dentist office considered oral surgery and patients who require these procedures are booked without being put on a waiting list.


 Conditions treated with oral surgery would be dental concerns such as keeping teeth, overcoming congenital growth issues, controlling serious oral disease and treating trauma-related damage.  The most recognized form or oral surgery is tooth extraction.  Reasons for tooth extraction can range from and impacted or erupted wisdom tooth to teeth that have failed to fall out preventing the eruption of permanent teeth.  Corrective jaw surgery or commonly known for major or minor trauma, TMJ pain and dysfunction caused by trauma or deformation, clenching or grinding of teeth causing excessive tooth wear.  Dental implants are common to replace missing teeth or provide stability to a new or existing denture.


These are all performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon. It is important to note that whenever surgery involves the face, a cosmetic dentist should also be consulted as part of a dental team.  Some patients also may wish to consult with a plastic surgeon.