Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP or Laser Dentistry, is a relatively new procedure, developed in the mid 1990’s. Laser dentistry addresses periodontal disease or gum disease using lasers, rather than traditional surgical methods.

Laser dentistry was developed to more specifically target diseased tissue and leave healthy tissue untouched. Using a targeted laser, dentists remove damaged tissue from the periodontal pocket, while sparing healthy tissue around it. The procedure also stimulates the healthy tissue encouraging healthy growth.


For many patients, this is a welcome alternative to traditional surgeries, that includes scalpels and stitches. With the laser method, patients find the technique to be less invasive and easier to heal from. Although there are no stitches to deal with, patients who undergo laser dentistry will experience soreness and gum discoloration over the next few days.


If you are in need of periodontal treatment, talk with your dentist about Laser Dentistry or LANAP. Your dentist can discuss prices and insurance coverage for the procedure and determine whether you are a good candidate.