How Can Invisalign Improve Your Dental Health?

How Can Invisalign Improve Your Dental Health?

January 3, 2022

Have you ever considered teeth straightening with braces or discussed the subject with cosmetic dental services requesting a treatment like Invisalign merely because they are aesthetically pleasing? Did you only consider your aesthetic appearance when requesting the treatment without contemplating how Invisalign also benefits your dental health? You are not wrong in your assumption because many people think similarly like you and prefer straightening their teeth from Sunrise Dental in Auburn for aesthetic reasons.

Would you be surprised if informed by the dentist near me, Invisalign is also incredibly beneficial for your dental health and does a better job than giving you a straighter smile? We are confident you wouldn’t. Therefore we have compiled some information to present you with Invisalign’s benefits in helping you improve your dental health. Would you please continue reading to learn more about how your dental health benefits with Invisalign treatment?

  • Reducing Tooth Decay Risk

Misaligned, crooked, and crowded teeth often develop cavities even if you are diligent with your oral hygiene routines. Brushing and flossing these teeth are generally challenging, and the areas tend to accumulate bacteria throughout the day. If you are at high risk of dental cavities straightening your teeth using removable braces is an excellent step forward to reverse the process.

Invisalign clear aligners are entirely removable during the course of the treatment. It doesn’t mean you keep the aligners away from your mouth because the flexibility is available only for two to four hours a day. You are allowed the flexibility to eat the foods you love and brush and floss your teeth. The aligners must go back over your teeth immediately after. As there are no wires or brackets attached to your teeth, plaque buildup doesn’t accumulate during the treatment reducing the risk of cavities developing. You can even use an electric toothbrush when undergoing the treatment.

  • Invisalign Makes Gum Disease Management Comfortable

Gum disease is another concern bothering people with crooked and misaligned teeth. People with these dental imperfections are vulnerable to losing gum and bone support to gum disease. Challenging areas to clean in the mouth harbor dental plaque accumulating down the gum line and hardening into tartar. You experience symptoms like receding gums, bad breath, bleeding when brushing and flossing, and tooth loss or loose teeth.

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss among 70 percent of adults in America and is also associated with health complications like diabetes, pneumonia, infertility, strokes, et cetera. When you prefer to straighten your teeth using Invisalign, you choose a treatment that helps manage gum disease as part of a comprehensive dental care plan. By realigning your teeth with help from Invisalign in Auburn, you inadvertently help prevent tooth loss later.

  • Invisalign Inhibits Tooth Wear

Your teeth and the enamel, the hard outer surface of the teeth, are the strongest substances in the entire body. Unfortunately, when your teeth bite abnormally, they endure excessive wear and tear and may break or cause other challenges. In addition, over time, your teeth become prone to irregular pressure points to become flattened or develop sharp edges you may feel with your tongue. When you align your teeth with Invisalign from the dental clinic in Auburn, the braces help you preserve healthy tooth structure to allow them to function as intended by nature.

  • Managing TMJ Disorders

When your teeth are not correctly aligned, it causes an imbalance between your upper and lower teeth. As a result, you may develop problems with your temporomandibular joint, leading to noticeable joint pain and structural damage. You can consider using pain relievers to overcome the discomfort you feel from TMJ disorders. However, if you want to stay away from the side effects of painkillers, you must discuss your problem with the Auburn dental clinic who recommends straightening your teeth with Invisalign clear braces.

Do not consider yourself too old to straighten your teeth because Invisalign is suitable for everyone between 14 and 40. Get rid of the problem of crooked and misaligned teeth bothering you if you wish to improve your dental health while getting a beautiful smile simultaneously with Invisalign clear aligners for teeth straightening.

As can be seen, Invisalign isn’t merely an alternative remedy for straightening teeth because it also allows you to improve your dental health. Therefore if you are convinced about the benefits of Invisalign for your dental health, you must contact the Auburn dental clinic to have your teeth straightened without wasting further time.

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