Gaoman (Gina) Gu
Gaoman (Gina) Gu DDS, MSD, PhD

Dr. Gu is a General Practitioner of Dentistry with comprehensive and advanced training in Orthodontics. Dr. Gu was born and raised in the mainland of China. She has been in dental professional career for 38 years since she earned her degree of Doctor Of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1983 from Nanjing Medical University of China.

In 1986, Dr. Gu completed an advanced continue education as a certified orthodontic specialist after three years of practice in General Dentistry. She moved to Japan to pursue more advanced dental/orthodontic training in 1992 and obtained her PhD degree in Dental Science from Kagoshima University in 1997. She completed Oral Medicine Graduate Program and earned a Certificate, and was granted the degree of Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) in 2003 from University of Washington (UW) in 2003.

Dr. Gu started her dental practice in United State from 2003 after she have had practiced Dentistry in China and Japan for 15 years. She performs both general dentistry and orthodontic treatments in the East side of Metro Seattle, including Bellevue, Renton and Redmond. Dr. Gu started her own dental practice since 2005, then she joined Sunrise Dental Group in 2007, she is the one of pioneer dentist of Sunrise Dental Group. Dr. Gu is a very dedicated and matured dentist, her 38-year dental experience across the three countries makes her not only skillful but also thoughtful. She has been always keeping her philosophy: Giving Best Service to People who Need it.

Dr. Gu has been not only a multi-cultural disciplined dentist but also been an active researcher and scientist. Her research involves in the fields of the craniofacial growth and morphology, head-neck posture, mechanism of malocclusion, tooth movement, bone distraction, animal surgeries and histology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry. She has created more than 20 publications appeared at leading dental journals in the US, Europe, Japan and China. Currently, Dr. Gu is still keeping her active research in the School of Dentistry, UW as a part-time Senior Fellow in the department of Orthodontics.

Dr. Gu is married to Zee, a faculty member of UW School of Dentistry. They have one daughter, Kathy, a UW student majoring in bioengineering. The family resides in Seattle. Dr. Gu enjoys sewing, cooking and traveling.

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